He received his ph. D. degree from Peking University School of Pharmacy. He has served as director of Preparation and Pharmacy Research Department, Institute of Toxicology and Medicine, Academy of Military Medical Sciences, member of Pharmaceutical Professional Committee  of PLA, Member of National New Drug Evaluation Committee, and deputy director of Pharmaceutical Professional Committee of PLA General Branch. He has led many national key projects and obtained more than 10 international and domestic patents. He has more than 20 years of experience in drug development and more than 10 years of experience in commercialization.


Professor and doctoral supervisor of Peking University, chief scientist of National 973 Plan, is currently the executive director of Chinese Pharmaceutical Association, honorary chairman of Pharmacy Committee of Chinese Pharmaceutical Association, vice chairman of Nanomedicine Committee of Chinese Pharmaceutical Association, and deputy director of Pharmacy Committee of National Pharmacopoeia Society.Scientists in ESI pharmacological toxicology ranked the top 1% and have developed a number of innovative preparations to the market or enter clinical research.


China Union Medical University, Medical Doctor, Postdoctoral Doctor, Academy of Military Medical Sciences.Military institute biotechnology research institute, director of the army new drug evaluation expert committee, Shanghai science and technology commission special experts, Beijing municipal science and technology committee expert pool members, in a number of biological technology companies and pharmaceutical enterprises as technical director, obtain multiple clinical approval of biological products and production approval and patents.