Our Mission
Unswervingly, deeply rooted, to provide better innovative medicines and solutions for human life and living.
Our Vision
We hope to provide products that improve the quality of human life through innovative drug research and development, and become a creative and reliable pharmaceutical company, creating added value for life, society, employees and shareholders.
Corporate Values
Talent first: to create a challenging and inclusive working atmosphere, so that every employee has the space and opportunity for career development. Make employees' efforts and outputs rich in value and significance, take talents as the core of enterprise development, and seek for the well-being of employees.
Talent first

Create a challenging and inclusive working atmosphere, so that each employee has space and opportunities for career development,
make employees' efforts and outputs valuable and meaningful, take talents as the core of enterprise development and seek well-being for employees.

Diligent work, steady progress, not afraid of challenges, can withstand the silent time, can have a bright future.
The Good Faith
To be honest and trustworthy, to know right from wrong, to have the courage to insist, dare to take responsibility and do the right thing.
Offer Innovative
Have an open mind, dare to think and challenge, dare to break the convention.
Achievements of others
According to the Tao Te Ching, "the sages live in the first place and live in the first place." We should be willing to serve as a ladder for others and make